Perched a top the monumental JK Iguatemi white cube at the intersection of Avenue President Juscelino Kubitschek and Avenue Chedid Jafet is an architectural urban oasis designed by the Paris based studio CARBONDALE.

Nestled within the 650 square meter exterior rooftop garden-terrace, the Cubo JK is a pure geometric structure that architecturally transforms itself to receive a divers selection of indoor and outdoor activities such as lectures, conferences, parties and dinners events.  Strategically positioned on a raised plinth of volcanic Basalt lavastone the Cubo JK structure and surrounding gardens are lifted skyward to create an isolated independent penthouse.  Although situated in the center of the city visitors and guests are far removed from the urban hustle and bustle, encompassed by vegetation and endless panoramic views of the rising and setting sun upon the city.

Four rectangular columns at each corner of the structure serve to support the horizontal roof plane, but also contain the sliding glass walls that transform the completely open outdoor canopy space into an enclosed yet transparent glass cube pavilion protected from the elements.  Each of the four columns clad in single mirror panel perfectly reflect the adjacent vegetation and city skyline.  As a result, the vertical structure visually disappears leaving the horizontal roof canopy to magically hover above the terrace and garden.