CARBONDALE’s design masterfully unites and expresses the depth, diversity and richness shared by both the Venetian and Dolce&Gabbana cultures through an architectural experience of discovery by unveiling historical treasures and exemplary contemporary design to celebrate a brand and a city.

The 800 square meter store location was perfectly selected to fulfill the design strategy as a pinnacle of Venetian culture.  Situated over two levels along Via XXII Marzo the store combines remarkable contemporary design with the breathtaking historical Palazzo Torres originating from 1880.  For a brand defined by contrasts, the interior design explores and accentuates the contrasts between the “historical” and the “contemporary” with a spatial design inspired by the Italian palazzo model with their distinctive rooms each with a characteristically different colors and finishes.  Eric Carlson’s modern interior design pays homage to traditional Italian and Venetian artisans by working with centuries old family companies to craft spaces and furniture in marbles, stone and glass mosaics, inlayed wood marquetry, woven silk damasks fabrics and hand blown Murano glass.