Armed with the bold and innovative strategy to create a unique and distinctive architectural retail environment for their international networks of selected iconic stores, Dolce&Gabbana has invited Eric Carlson and his Paris based Architecture studio CARBONDALE to design 3 projects: Venice, Montecarlo and Beijing. Applying their expertise in Luxury Architecture CARBONDALE has customized three distinctive works that infuse the identities of each location with the unique character of the Dolce&Gabbana brand.  The exhibition has been created to explore and illuminate “Differences” by way of the following three tools:

Holy Process

Renowned for their extensive research and strategy based design process, CARBONDALE has compiled a 600 pages “bible” that outlines how an in-depth understanding of the client and context provides rich and genuine foundations for the creative process as well as assures the credibility and quality of the final project.

Spatial Models

The three completely different building types including an historical palazzo in Venice, a free-standing building in Montecarlo and a shopping center in Beijing have been abstractly modelled at a large 1/30m scale to convey the primary spatial ideas.  Adjacent to the models are headphones with their corresponding musical references giving voice to the soul of each project.

Video Collage

CARBONDALE has developed an experimental method to transmit the temperament of the three projects by creating an experiential video sequence from each design layered with a digital collage of references images, materials and ideas.