The latest realization by the Paris based architecture studio CARBONDALE lead by Eric Carlson in collaboration with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is the Dolce & Gabbana building and boutique in Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Situated along Canton road, one of the busiest luxury shopping streets in the world, the newly renovated facade stands a modern monument to the Italian brands commitment to modern architecture while the interior design conveys a supremely glamorous shopping experience. 

The building design is composed of a monumental floating movie-screen like facade prominently standing 18 meters high.  Comprised of rectangular recessed frames of bianco vena silver marble the architecture stands as a majestic architectural edifice by day while by night luminous beams streak diagonally across the multiple layers creating a dazzling cinematic effect.  At the street level a façade of brushed gold stainless steel frames an oversized central picture window opening views towards a symmetrical “imperial” stair.  Upon entering visitors are greeted by colorful floor crest crafted in the Italian tradition of stone and glass mosaics custom designed to celebrate Dolce & Gabbana’s Kowloon Hong Kong boutique.

The store’s interior architecture is composed of two superimposed rectangular spaces containing the full range of the women’s and men’s collections.  The large horizontal volumes are designed to gleam and glimmer.  The ceiling is completely sheathed with sparkling panes of beveled mirror and the floor of polished grigio carnico marble.  The sumptuous orchestra of luminous glimmering surfaces are randomly punctuated by floor-to-ceiling islands crafted in bianco vena silver marble and positioned to create intimate zones for fine jewelry, fashion collections, the changing rooms and staircase. The interior perimeter walls are layered with a warm veil of vertical wooden bars finished in polished smoked redgum.  The combination of orthogonal geometries and reflective surfaces produce an opulent and precious and glamorous backdrop for the exclusive Dolce & Gabbana collections of ready-to-wear and accessories.