The most visited and most successful luxury brand store in the world was designed inside and out by the Architecture office CARBONDALE. The prominence of the project originates from the radical concept of demolishing all of the existing interior floor slabs and then wrapping the Champs Elysees shopping avenue inside the building by re-constructing a continuous 4-level spiral of shopping terraces. Visitors never need to walk up or down traditional stairways and are constant contact with the products and views of Paris. A large store with and overall area of 1,800 meter square is transformed into a sequence of intimate boutique scaled terraces each with it’s own product type that capture the character of the Champs Elysees as a promenade and generates a “travel experience” for a brand that is historically rooted in Le Voyage.

“When working on a project such as this, I think about what people will take away with them, what they will remember from their voyage to create a kind of optical travel diary.” EC