“360°” is the first museum dedicated to the unique collection of 300 precision time pieces in the 150 year history of the TAG Heuer brand. The intriguing inaccessible space that resides between the watch face and the crystal cover inspired this remarkable design, where the hands of time turn by an inexplicable force from within. This spatial layer, steeped in both mystery and science, is architecturally articulated by 3 major elements composed to define the singular 200 square meter Museum.

“The Crystal” element is a monumental conical video screen suspended overhead and composed of 12 high performance retro-projectors synchronized into a single moving 360° centripetal image with directional ultra-sound speakers to precisely direct the sensorial experience. The museum’s peripheral walls serve as a 55meter long Architectural Time Line display constructed of brushed aluminum and inlayed with a flush ribbon of glass. For the horizontal display instead of employing the typical design solution of distributing a multitude of individual display cases throughout the space, CARBONDALE envisioned the innovative architectural approach. In a powerful gesture, a single seamless horizontal plane of super-polished black Corian, like motor oil, fills the space to 1meter. An organically carved path navigates through the richly reflective surface to reveal the 9 horizontal circular displays as “sub-dials” to the watch face. The horizontal displays that contain an extraordinary collection of over 50 watch artifacts are hydraulically equipped to lift and lower to access the watches in silent perfection in keeping with the Avant-Garde tradition of TAG Heuer.