Created by Eric Carlson and his architecture studio CARBONDALE, the pinnacle of luxury and rarity the Paspaley south sea pearls have been given a new 85 square meter home in Brisbane Australia. To respect and accentuate the essential nature of the pearl, Eric Carlson conceived the boutique’s interior based on an innovated lighting approach guided by what is revealed in the reflective and lustrous surface of the precious jewelry. Along with the lighting concept, the finishes of soft cream and golden tones, marble, leathers, wall fabrics and eucalyptus wood were also selected based on by how they reflect within the pearl’s spherical surface

For the exterior façade, rather than simply applying precious stones or metals, the method of designing with light continues. After an extensive research and testing of the latest technology, a composition of lamps are disposed vertical behind an etched glass façade for a glowing effect that abstractly recreates the legendary pearl strands at an architectural urban scale. The lines of lights vary in size, intensity and in warmth and cool coloration to reflect the variations that occur inherently within the pearl in nature. To enhance the magical quality even further the LED lights are programmed individually to affect a sparkling glimmer and glowing movement.